Meny Stäng


Film – övergivna gruvor

På Youtubekontot Äventyrslust finns mina filmer från övergivna gruvor, längre resor, paddling och dykning. För att prenumerera på kanalen, klicka här. Nedanför finns ett urval, men inte alla.

Two adits on the hillside (2019)

This small mine had so much nice rails and beautiful adits and tunnels. They started mining here in the 1800s.


The abandoned mine with the hugh stope (2019)

This mine is one of the biggest not waterfilled abandoned mines in Sweden. Here I splitted the film in two parts – the descending and the wading in one of the tunnels.

Seven hours underground in an abandoned mine (2019)
An iron mine, forgotten in the forests of Sweden. We spent 7 hours here, looking at old ladders, dynamite boxes, wheelbarrows and a lot of other things.

Scuba Diving (2018)

Scuba diving at Smögen, Lysekil och Gullmarn in the Swedish west coast. Jelly fishes, a treasure chest (without the gold…), starfishes, a hermit crab, but also things that couldn´t be catched on movie. There was some difficulties to film under water, but at least it is a glimpse about the life there!


Turkmenistan (2018)

A trip to the desert, cities and villages in Turkmenistan 2018 with camping, Darvaza gas crater, Kow Ata cave, Yangykala canyon, villages and animals.


Uzbekistan (2018)

A trip to Uzbekistan 2018. Bukhara and Samarkand with a lot of madrasas and mosaic, Tashkent with the metro and finally hiking in the mountains in Chimgan.


Packraft weekend (2018)

Packraft at Sverkestaån in Sweden a nice summer weekend.


Spitsbergen / Svalbard (2017)

A trip to Spitsbergen / Svalbard 2017, with abandoned Pyramiden, the Russian village Barentsburg, abandoned coal mines, snow mobile in the mountains and beautiful views.


The mine with the ladders (2018)

Back to the mine with the ladders and further down. Summer 2018, Bergslagen, Sweden.


Descending to remainings underground (2018)

Descending to some wooden remainings in an abandoned mine in Bergslagen, Sweden, 2018.



Underground boat trip (2018)

An underground trip to an abandoned mine, with some SRT climbing, boats, waders and dark water – just as it should be!


Rust and stones in Norway (2018)

Rust and stones in abandoned mines in Norway, with hiking in the mountains, 2018.


Underground in iron mines (2018)

Iron mines in Sweden with SRT climbing in shafts, ice, walking and wading in water.


A walk in an abandoned mine in the forest (2018)

One of all abandoned mines in Sweden, not as narrow tunnels as usual.


Packrafting at Nittälven (2018)

Packrafting trip in some rapids in a river in Sweden.

Packrafting at the river Fjätan (2018)

Packrafting at the river Fjätan in Sweden, with a lot of rapids, some stones, tent and beautiful nature.


An underground how-to (2018)

An underground “how-to”, inside a partly waterfilled mine.


Mine shafts (2018)

Mine shafts in the forests of Bergslagen


Underground with ice stalagmites (2018)

Ice stalagmites, adits and water underground


Abseiling in a mine (2018)


Winter trip underground (2017)

A winter trip to some mines in Bergslagen, Sweden


100 m below ground (2017)

Things to discover after abseiling 100 m in a mine.


Mining trip with water (2017)

Mining and adit trip in Bergslagen, Sweden. Some SRT, some snorkeling, some water.

Packrafting, Rogen (2017)

Packrafting at and around the lake Rogen


Packrafting, Nittälven (2017)

Packrafting at the river Nittälven



Abseiling (2017)

Abseiling 80 m to the ice lake in an abandoned mine


Africa (2016)

A trip through South Afrika, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia, December 2016.


Kirgizistan (2016)

A trip around the Issyk-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan in December 2016.


Peaceful in the mine tunnels (2016)

Mud, water and paddle in mine adits.


Abseiling (2016)

Abseiling in abandoned mines


Zipline (2016)

Zipline in the deep forest of Sweden.

Gruvbad (2016)

Scenes from partly waterfilled adits. Dark, cold and a lot of water.


Time lapse – four seasons, Sala, Sweden (2016)

Time lapse film during four seasons and day to night. All scenes captured in and around Sala, Sweden. Freezing, melting, flowers blooming, shadows and stars moving…


Lucia (2015)

Lucia in Tuna Hästberg mine 2015, 80 m down. Song by Forssaängkören.


Stollgång (2015)

Halvt vattenfyllda orter i en gruva

Linbana (2015)

85 m zip-line through a mine shaft


Trollveggen (2015)

A hike to reach Trolltindene and the top of the Troll wall (Trollveggen). When arriving, you are rewarded with an amazing view over the river, roads and farms 1700 meters down. The hike is not very time demanding, but the ground is sometimes stony and a bit tough walking on.


29 dagar genom Polen, Tjeckien och Slovakien (2015)
Med tält och bil genom Polen, Tjeckien, Slovakien, Österrike och Tyskland. En del mat, en del resande och en del trånga kryppassager i gruvorna.


Lavagrottor på Island (2015)


Vintercamping med gruvor (2015)


Lucia (2014)

Lucia celebration 80 m deep down in Tuna Hästberg mine 2014. This Swedish tradition gets even better underground with the echo sound from the stone walls, from the beautiful songs.


Rofylld tur under jord (2014)


Tyskland – undertage (2014)

På äventyr i Norge (2014)